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Success doesn't 'come in cans'​; OR Does it? : The Performance Cycle

I'm working with Dave Johnson, CEO, early on in his coaching journey.

Previously he's created his inspiring & compelling Vision, and a Plan to achieve it.

We've 're-framed' his doubts into a 'Can Do' belief, and he's made a start moving forward.

And yet...

"I don't know why I'm not getting on with it Nick! I just don't seem to be motivated. Other things keep getting in the way...".

"You look drained and frustrated" I suggest.

He agrees.

"I've no energy, its so frustrating".

I suggest to him, that "success comes in cans".

Not surprisingly, he looks somewhat doubtful! Going on, I share my on mantra for success.


"Success comes in Cans; with Plans, Do's and Reviews"

But not only with these.

Its based on the Performance Cycle:

That whilst the believe that one 'Can' succeed (belief in one's-self), and a Plan to achieve it, are essential, one actually has to Do each task, and to Complete each.

Many people get stuck at Planning (procrastination), others 'Do' but fail to Complete (distraction / lack focus), and yet others, Like Dave, keep Doing, more and more, ending up exhausted and stalled.

The important step that's missing, I explain to Dave, is to Review each task achievement as they happen. To celebrate that success (with yourself or team), and feel exhilarated and re-energised, ready for the next task!

Across the video call, I see he understands the theory, but doesn't really 'get it'. We work together, until suddenly, he looses his slumped posture and a big smile emerges - the penny has well and truly dropped!

If this sounds familiar, I'd be happy to have an initial chat to see if I can help.

Just send me a message, and we can arrange a video call.

And if you're not sure, you are probably procrastinating, so just Do it, and take the first step to leap forward into Success.

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